Chronicles of the Unconquerable – Heidi “The Healer” Barker

Heidi Barker aka The Invictus Healer, is a familiar staple in our community. She is well-known within the walls of our gyms as well as with our online followers who’ve experienced her knowledge bombs and visualization techniques shared thorough reposts of videos from Athlete Camps and guided visualization products.

Heidi has two recent achievements that demonstrate her unconquerability and also her passion for spreading her gifts and knowledge. Her latest most-awesome achievements include…

Swim from Coronado to the USS Midway

The picture above is Heidi on race day! She did this event to raise awareness for The Honor Foundation’s (THF) non-profit mission: to help Special Operation Forces veterans transition to the next phase in life.

She helps organize and/or participates in events to support THF throughout the year (including The Veteran Workout which we will host on Nov 11th). This swim event is a 3.3-mile open water swim from Coronado to the USS Midway Museum. As a Navy veteran who worked with special forces herself, this event has a special place in her heart. She also serves on the board of THF because of her passion to impact this community. Heidi had a respiratory infection leading up to and during the event but that didn’t stop her from completing her mission.

A New Book

Heidi has authored before and was a contributor to the Invictus Mindset Book and now she’s excited to release her newest book, Wildly You…Permission to fail forward into self-awareness and acceptance.

“I’ll never forget being 7 years old and sitting in my brother’s green ‘64 Chevy as he drove me to swim practice. My brother is 12 years older than me, so he got the job of towing me around from time to time. ‘What do you want to do when you grow up?’ he asked me. Kind of a big question for anyone, let alone a 7 year old. ‘I want to make a difference,’ I responded. Which seemed to fly out of my mouth with such ease, it’s as if I could feel his question before it was asked.”

Get to Know Heidi’s Headspace

Heidi was one of the original guests on The Invictus Mindset Podcast and has one of the top performing episodes – You Can Be Anything You Want – of the inaugural year. Listen to the episode on Apple or Spotify!