“El Pigeon” Hip Routine & Regressions
Videos by TJ O’Brien

I like to use “El Pigeon” stretch as a lateral hip opener for improved range of motion when squatting or hinging is on the agenda for the day. Every time I do my routine @therealbrycesmith would come over and say, “Man, I wish I could get my hip that way.”

He’d explain that his body is a bit shifted to one side from all the years of b-ball, and that when he can unlock his hip, he feels like he can connect on his squat and put up bigger numbers.

The last time this happened, I told him to check out the recent reel I made that included some elevated pigeon good mornings and pulses.

Today he said those might have been a little too advanced for him so we walked through it together and talked about how to modify to tone it down a but but still get good range of motion work in and have a plan for improvement in that area and also control and strength at the end ranges.

The Mind Muscle Mobility principles used for this routine and its regressions can be applied to any mobility or range of motion routine to achieve greater active mobility, safer and more efficient positioning, and stronger end ranges.