Why Do I Have Such a Large Fluctuation in Stomach Size?
Written by Fritz Nugent

This question recently came to me from one of our Invictus Nutrition coaching clients and I thought it could be helpful for more than just him to see this answer. 

“So the number on the scale bothers me but you know what bothers me even more? My stomach. Some days I’ll catch a glance in the mirror at work as I’m headed to the urinal. And some days I look pregnant. Then two days later I’ll catch a glance out of the side of my eye and it looks like my stomach is getting much flatter. And I know it is not just in my head. I know for a fact there is a large fluctuation in how my stomach looks depending on the day. 

What drives that? I did read where soda can have a very negative effect but I only drink soda with my meal on Saturday night. All other soda is gone. Are there other things that I should be paying attention to?”

My Response…

Haha thank you, Buddy. I’m glad you are still seeking growth and knowledge and are benefiting from our relationship.

As for your belly being larger sometimes, that sounds like distention, which is an actual increase in physical abdominal size. This is distinctly different from bloating, which is simply the sensation of gas/pressure in the belly.

Both of these are linked to sub-optimal digestion/gut health. Sub-optimal digestion can be related to literally anything – lack of sleep, too high work/life stress, too much exercise, eating foods that disagree with you, and others too.

So to solve this issue, it honestly looks like you could stay on your current bearing and keep patiently driving towards small improvements over time in each of those categories above (sleep, stress, movement, and nutrition – The Four Pillars!). I guarantee that you will continue to improve in unfathomable ways. What do you think?