Lexie Kowatch – Crushing the Work
Written by Kim McLaughlin

Have you ever had trouble making sense of the nutrition information you’ve found on social media or read on the internet? You are not alone. Lexie was one of those people – eat more food to lose weight, eat less food to lose weight, intermittent fasting is best, try Keto, cut out carbs, etc etc. Which is it?

To get some clarification, she joined the Invictus Nutrition Program and started working with me in April of this year. Since then she has been CRUSHING IT. She has lost more than 10 pounds and is currently sitting at and maintaining her goal weight. We recently switched gears from weight loss to strength/muscle building goals and I could not be more excited to see the progress that’s about to happen.

Before joining Invictus, she was doing spin classes and a bit of bodybuilding. She entered into a new relationship in 2019 and that’s when all routines and habits started to break down. Like you do in new relationships, she started eating out a lot and not working out as much. In February 2020, quarantine hit and things got even harder to get back on track.

Once Invictus opened back up in June of 2020, she started to come in consistently and saw some progress but wanted more. She was trying to fix up nutrition on her own but found that it was difficult to stick to anything for any length of time. She was still snacking when it was around and she continued to be bombarded by nutrition “facts” on social media that only led to confusion about how much and what she should be eating.

Once she joined the nutrition program we were able to chat about what was important when it came to nutrition. We made sure she was eating enough and we laid out a clear path that allowed her to stay focused not just during the week but also through birthdays, vacations, travel, camping trips, and her busy/stress time at work.

Her consistency through all of it has been impressive and she has put in a ton of work to get to where she is now. If you see her in class, give her a high five and a congratulations. She has an amazing ability to take the things we’ve talked about and immediately put them to work for her and it has paid off. She’s on a roll and it’s only going to get better.

Her advice to people who are working on their own nutrition path?

“You gotta want it. Consistency is the key. Oh… and don’t buy the snacks. Keep them out of the house.”