Is Post-Deadlift Back Pain a Problem?
Written by Fritz Nugent

The barbell deadlift is definitely one of the more challenging tasks to perform well. Feeling that your back muscles did work is ok. Experiencing pain in the lower back region is a different story. So if you are experiencing pain in the area (not good) and not soreness in the lower back muscles (not necessarily bad), then we have some work to do!

How to Prevent Post-Deadlift Back Pain

Future solutions for a similar workout could be using a kettlebell to perform the deadlifts instead of a barbell until your technique there is rock solid. Our KBs go up to 106 lbs, which is plenty for the first few months at least. I like to teach deadlift mechanics in our “Intro classes”, and even after spending a full hour on it, people often have technique issues as they follow the learning curve. It takes time to learn these tasks.

Customizing Your Training

I’m sure that you have heard Kirsten frequently speak about customizing the training to fit where you are. For a similar workout in the future, that could mean using a KB for the deadlifts, cutting the reps down from 21-15-9 to 15-12-9 or even 12-9-6, and shortening the run to a 300m or 200m each round. 

Quality Before Intensity 

I am a big fan of completing most workouts easily rather than having to grind through them. Every once in a while, you can spend time grinding, but not every day. And you earn the right to grind once your technique is sound enough to really push the intensity without losing tension or mechanics. Read more on quality before intensity.

Invictus University

If you’re a coach who is interested in learning more about modifying group programming for individual athletes, stay tuned for more learning opportunities coming your way soon through Invictus University.