Written by: Fritz Nugent

Kyle Blackman Member Highlight

I want to shout out Kyle Blackman! He told me that he felt flat in his training, stagnating, and hadn’t PR’d things in a while. Felt burnt out. I suggested that he take a week off, and he listened. He came back after that with a vengeance in his training! Goes to show the power of rest. Every athlete that I have coached takes a full month off from direct training once a year, and then every 3 months, a week off, and every six months 1-2 weeks off. I don’t think that a week of complete rest is a normal part of our general population athlete’s practices, but it should be. Perhaps this note will help someone else out there who is feeling burnt out.

“After pushing cardio sessions pretty hard all summer I started getting physically and mentally burnt out. Didn’t wanna come to the gym, I was getting slower, and not feeling nearly as strong. After taking a week off to reset, I came back and PR’d my deadlift, front squat, my Jackie time (i also did all 50 thrusters unbroken for the first time) and I finally hit a sub 5 min Fran (not too far off from sub 4!) which for me is awesome.” – Kyle Blackman