How to Mount Your Comeback to the Gym
Written by TJ O’Brien

I’ve had athletes out sick, and a few are currently making their way back. Symptoms range, but we know that this virus does a number on the respiratory system. I’ve gotten feedback like, “I just feel so weak,” and, “I was done after the first couple rounds.”

The following applies to more than just a  COVID comeback, but it seems particularly relevant in this moment.

Putting it practically:

Cut your volume by HALF, then slowly add in more. Here’s how you can do that and still “work out with the class.”

Say you had a workout with 3 sets of 8 reps at 75%. You could do your first 8 at 50%, your second set at 60%, and then based on how that felt, come back down to 50% for the last set. Trust me, your body is gonna appreciate that you’re here. And showing up will build momentum for your stronger days. 

Putting it metaphorically:

Make those adjustments with as little self-judgement as possible. Here’s one analogy I just heard for setting up your mindset to be objective in order to avoid negative self-judgement. 

You know when you’re trying to figure out which direction the wind is blowing? You might lick your finger and hold it up and then wait for the breeze to arrive? That moment when you’re holding your finger up and waiting — that’s how you can think about observing your own body.

You wouldn’t be upset if the wind were blowing East instead of West, would you? Take that same objective approach when “listening” for what you need that day.

Do you have trouble coming back after a long time off? Let me know.