8 Ways to Finish The Year Strong
Written by Tricia Moore

It’s amazing how fast each year comes to an end and a new one starts again. Can you believe we have less than 20 days left until the end of the year? 

Interestingly, it’s usually this time of year when people start putting things off. I was in financial services for many years and clients would often say, “Yep, that sounds good let’s revisit this after the New Year”.  I used to laugh and say to myself – that is the exact mentality that will delay my client accomplishing what they are asking me for. So I persisted. And, many times, they thanked me later. And the same process happens in the gym. I am often told, “I’ll join next month, in the New Year”. My response? “Nope you will be joining today! We are starting your new program today! And, you will start feeling accomplished today!!”

How many times have you thought this to yourself in the past couple of weeks: 

I’ll do that in the New Year. 
I’ll start that new exercise routine or diet in the New Year. 
I’ll reach out to a coach in the New Year.
I’ll apply for that job in the New Year. 
I’ll have that conversation in the New Year. I’ll sign up for that course in the New Year.

What if you could finish strong and set yourself up for an even better 2022?  

In a CrossFit class, what happens on the last round or a workout? In a race? In a game? On a project with minimal time left for completion at work? What happens?? Do you slow down, get distracted and want to give up? No, you do the exact opposite; you dig deep, garner all the energy you have and push to finish strong. How many championships are won in the last 30 seconds with a crazy shot on goal, 3-point basket or sprint to the end? 

Yes, I know it’s a busy time of year. Holiday parties, check. Shopping, check. Kids’ events, check. Traveling, check. Keep everything in control at work, check. End of year rush, check. I get it. With so much to do, it’s easy to put things off, get distracted, or feel overwhelmed. Instead of using December as a reason NOT to do all those things on your list, why not use it as a DEADLINE to get stuff done?!

How to Finish the Year Strong

Look at your goals from the beginning of the year. 

Is there anything on that list that hasn’t happened yet, but you know you still have time to achieve? Something important that you wanted to do or accomplish this year? You still have time. What can you do?

Identify one thing you’ve been procrastinating on.

You know what it is. For some reason, you just keep pushing it off. That website you wanted to finish? The article you wanted to write? That call you need to make? What’s the one thing you want to get OFF your list before you head into the New Year? What would make you feel proud, excited, or relieved to know you can mark it off your list before the clock strikes midnight?

Imagine yourself on December 31st. 

When you look back at the year, what will you wish you had done? This can be big or small. Was it talking to your boss and asking for that raise or a new project? Getting that new haircut that’s been pinned on your wall? Forgiving someone so you can enter the New Year with that off your chest? What do you need or want to do so you can look back and feel awesome about the year just gone, not with regret or disappointment about what didn’t happen.

Set yourself up. 

What do you need to do to set yourself up for a great new year? Part of setting yourself up is finishing this year strong. If you let go of everything, eat crap, stop exercising because you’re too busy, drink too much, eat too much and pile on the stress, how are you going to feel? If you wake up January 1st hungover, 5 pounds overweight and exhausted, what impact will that have on your ‘fresh’ start?

Shift your mindset. 

Is there a negative attitude you want to shake; a limiting belief that keeps getting in your way; self-doubt or insecurities that prevent you from achieving your goals inside or outside the gym? Maybe you want to finish strong by wanting to lean into your coach but simply haven’t reached out just yet. Now is the time. 

Identify what has provided you energy this year and what has drained you.

Now is the time to reflect and identify your positive and negative inputs. Reflecting and identifying is the first step. What in your life gave you inspiration, energy, hope, love, joy this year? What in your life made you hurt, cry, feel badly, adversely affected your sleep, nutrition or relationships with others. Reduce or eliminate what has drained you and champion what has given you zest and energy.  

Stop it. 

Sometimes it’s as much about what we stop doing as it is about what we start doing. What bad habit do you want to stop? What would bring greater peace, joy, and ease to your life? Stop worrying so much. Stop criticizing yourself. Stop saying ‘yes’ when you really mean no. Stop over-committing. Stop complaining. What do you want to stop doing?

Chill out- It’s winter :).

Yes, amidst all of the suggestions of what you’re going to make happen, one of the things that you may need to do is simply relax. During this busy time, it’s especially important to take care of you. Get to the gym. Go to bed early. Say ‘no’ to that party you really don’t want to go to. Take the time to reflect. Forgive yourself and others around you for their errors. In general it is the time to relax our expectations of ourselves and each other.  

Winter is my favorite season…here is why. Winter is a time of wind-down. And for as much as I love the energy in the gym – I also love to chill out and reflect. Use the natural rhythm of the season to ground, to connect, and to reflect.  

There is a particular stillness that characterizes winter, and with it comes an invitation to redirect our own energies. The winter season holds the perfect antidote to the fast-paced mobility of the summer and fall. This is a time to rest, reflect, hibernate, withdraw some of your outwardly-focused energy and redirect it inward.

Pick One Thing

Now, it’s about deciding what’s most important for you and taking action. Pick just one – okay, maybe two – things to take action on before the end of the year.  

What will make you feel accomplished? What will make the biggest difference to your health, wellness, happiness, or success?  What will make you feel more in control, more confident, more relaxed or at peace as you finish this year and start the next?

Make December how you want to do everything. Make December how you want your next year to look. Finishing the year strong will bring you strength, momentum, intention and focus into the New Year.

It’s the last 30 seconds of the game, the last 100 yards in the race, the last round of a workout. Now is your opportunity to push or pull back and reflect, to take advantage of all the work you’ve put in this year so far. 

Now is your time. Let’s finish STRONG together!!!! Download our FREE Goal Setting Guide to get started on your 2022 goals!