American Open Huge Success for Invictus Weightlifters!
Written by Ricky Moore

One of the best experiences as a coach happened this weekend at the USA Weightlifting North American Open Series 1 at The Arnold Festival!

Shawn Arnold qualified for Masters’ Nationals in April, in Salt Lake City, in the 67kg Weight class PR’ing his Total at 176kg and a 101kg Clean & Jerk PR!! And taking Silver across the board in his age group!

Sunny Jat, in his first meet, PR’d his Clean & Jerk at 106kg and a 191kg total PR by 10kgs!

Sammy Clark PR’d her total at 146kgs and qualified for U25 Nationals in July, at Vegas!

Ashlie Pankonin PR’d her Clean & Jerk at 99kgs and her competition Total at 175kgs to qualify for American Open Finals for a 3rd consecutive year!!!

Jenna Shumway PR’d her Total at her first National meet at 142kgs and took Bronze in Snatch and Total in her age group, continuing her route towards Masters’ Nationals in April as well!

Amanda Marra PR’d her total in her first National meet at 147kgs and has the best exit of a platform!!

Nairobi Romero PR’d her competition Total and competition Clean & Jerk to qualify her for Nationals!

I am beyond proud and just extremely lucky to be able to coach these athletes at this event. Thank you guys for allowing me to be in your corner! I am excited for you all the others to follow.

Let’s continue the growth of these athletes and all the others in Weightlifting! This sport is amazing in so many ways. I love that it challenges people and brings confidence inside and outside the gym!

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