Mobility Routines for Bench Press Bros
Written by TJ O’Brien

Sup my bros who like their pecs and love to bench! All that pressing and likely your lifestyle factors (like sitting at a desk) aren’t helping keep your shoulders back. This makes it really hard to get into the bottom of the dip, an important exercise for those who like to bench, do gymnastics movements like muscle-ups, and build pressing strength.

Mobility for the Dip

What we need for the dip is:

Thoracic Flexion

A mobile t-spine that can readily extend (arch). 

Shoulder Internal Rotation

Rotating your upper arm toward the front side of your torso.

Shoulder Extension 

Ability to pull them behind you.

Mobility Routine for Bench Press Athletes

Here is an A/B/C routine for you all. The way it works is that you do A or B when you arrive at the gym. Alternate or repeat your favorite. Doesn’t matter, just get either of these done 3 times per week minimum. Part C could be done daily and should be. Shoot for 7 days a week, but if you can only manage 1, still do it! 

Routine A 
Two to Three sets of:
Tabletop x 10, 2-3 second hold at top, push ground away and make chest proud 
Batwing Extensions x 5 slow reps 

Routine B 
Two to Three sets of:
Sleeper Stretch x 45 seconds per side 
(feel free to add a few 5-second-long contractions, followed by relaxing deeper into stretch) 
PVC Fold-to-Hold x 5 reps, 5 second hold at top each rep 

Routine C
T-Spine Smash with Gemini 

So again. Routine C we can and should do DAILY. A and B, try to do EITHER 3 times a week. You can alternate or pick your favorite!