Getting Back Into A Routine

3 Tips for Getting Back to Your Routine
Written by TJ O’Brien

If I’m being completely honest, it saddens me to see people freak out about what they eat and how they behave between December 21st and the New Year. Here’s what I see during this time of year…

Overcorrecting“I ate so poorly this week, I should stay after and do extra X.”

Black & White Thinking“I was so bad this week, I need to get back to being good.”

Toxic Perfectionism“Is it even worth it to do X?” (Answer: Yes, anything is better than nothing.)

3 Tips for Getting Back to Your Routine

What I wish I saw at this time instead…

Picking Up Where You Left Off – Do you usually go to 9am class but were away last week? Just show up again. Trust me – you haven’t lost your gains.

Acknowledgement of Grey Areas – Binary, black and white thinking doesn’t leave any wiggle room for the natural ups and downs of training. You most likely will not have the best training sessions of your life over the next 10-14 days. That’s an expected part of training. Get used to it!

Incrementalist Approach – 1 is INFINITELY more than 0, something is always better than nothing. What would you do if you were out of gas but could only fill your tank 1/4 of the way? Take the damn 1/4 tank and keep going!

Still not sure how to get back to your routine? Let us know where you’re struggling. Sometimes it helps to share the burden so that you can get help moving past it.